Discover the Features of Loan Comparison Calculator

The power of LoanSpread™ makes it easy to analyze and compare loans quickly!

Click to view full size screen shotIn every way, LoanSpread™ Loan Comparison and Amortization Calculator is designed for speedy, comprehensive financial calculations.

LoanSpread™ shows you answers quickly!  Each feature focuses on offering you accurate results, useful reports and amortization schedules, and showing you the "big picture view" with the financial answer grid.

Continue reading to discover how the features of LoanSpread can help you compare and understand loans, create amortization schedules and learn how small changes in different loan variables can save you money.

Save Valuable Time Comparing Loans

LoanSpread compares 135 loans at once making it so much quicker than calculating the individual loans you wish to compare.

Do Multiple Loan Comparison Analysis

LoanSpread Loan Calculator creates a loan payment table which shows you the "big picture", comparing 135 loans at the same time and making relationships among the loans obvious!  It's like a loan calculator on steroids!

Keep Your Financial Concerns on Your Own Computer

LoanSpread Loan Comparison Calculator is installed on your own computer.  The financial calculations you perform are performed only on your computer -- not on someone's website who may or may not be collecting information about your calculations.

Create Amortization Schedules

LoanSpread Loan Comparison Calculator creates both monthly and annual amortization schedules.  Simply right click on the selected loan in the results grid and choose "Create Amortization Schedule".

Perform Complicated Time Value of Money (TVM) Calculations

LoanSpread Loan Calculator allows the user to change any three of a loan's four variables (amount borrowed, term, payment amount and interest rate) and instantly solve for the fourth value.

You can solve for loan amount, solve for term, solve for amount borrowed, and solve for interest rate.  LoanSpread™ displays answers to 135 of these Time Value of Money calculations at once.

Calculate the Full Payment of PITI

Unlike many loan calculators, LoanSpread™ Loan Comparison Calculator allows to easily compute the full payment amount for every loan you compare. In addition to principal and interest payments, with a simple button click, LoanSpread includes taxes and insurance. Easily switch between PI payments and PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance) payments.

Choose the Payment Frequency

LoanSpread™ Loan Comparison Calculator allows the user to calculate loan scenarios using different payment frequencies! Offers Daily 365/year, Daily 360/year, Weekly, Biweekly 26/year, Bimonthly 24/year, Monthly, Quarterly, Biannual, and Annual payment frequencies.

Instant Loan Summaries

The Loan Summary Window is a great feature of LoanSpread™ which allows you to view a detailed summary of any of the 135 loans.  Accessed by right-clicking on a loan result in the answer grid, Loan Summaries offer a quick way to drill into the details of a particular loan scenario.

In one easy place, the Loan Summary window details the Amount Borrowed, the Payment Frequency, the Term, Annual Interest Rate, Payment (Principal and Interest), Payment (Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance), Total Principal Paid, Total Interest Paid, Total Principal and Interest Paid, Total Taxes Paid, Total Insurance Paid, Total Taxes and Insurance, and Total Paid Over the Term (PITI).

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