Compare Loans with LoanSpread™ Loan Comparison Calculator

Use the power of LoanSpread to compare 135 loans at once!

Click to view full size screen shotComparing loans quickly has never been easier.

135 loan calculation results are displayed on a two-dimension answer grid.  You select the type of answer displayed: the grid will display loan amounts, term, interest rates, or payment amounts.

For each answer in the answer grid, you can choose to view a loan summary or an amortization schedule.

Of course, the specific details of each loan can also be configured.  You can choose payment frequency, ranges for each axis of the answer grid, and whether or not taxes and insurance should be included in the calculation.

Loan Calculation Results are Displayed on the Answer Grid

As you can see in the image below, the use has click on the desired loan and will now choose either a Loan Summary or the Amortization Schedule feature of LoanSpread from the popup menu.

mortgage payment table with summary and amortization

LoanSpread™ Makes Complicated Financial Math Simple.

LoanSpread makes financial math easy and fast.  If you need to quickly compare a large number of loans at once, LoanSpread is the tool you need.

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