Calculate Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance (aka "PITI")

calculate piti or piPITI, the acronym for "Principal, Interest, Taxes and Insurance", is the full monthly payment one actually makes when borrowing money.

LoanSpread™ allows you to calculate loan payments which include or exclude taxes and insurance.  Choosing whether or not to include them in the calculation results is as easy as clicking a radio button.

How to Calculate PITI

1.  Enter your loan variables.

2.  In the upper-right corner of the LoanSpread window, notice the "Estimated Tax & Insurance" entry fields.

3.  Click the YES button beside the "Include" text and enter the estimated amounts in the fields beneath "Annual Taxes $" and "Annual Insurance $".

4.  The financial answer grid will immediately update to include Taxes and Insurance.

5.  To exclude taxes and insurance, simply click the NO button.  Your estimated values will be retained, but will not be included in the calculations.

Try LoanSpread™ and see how easy it is to calculate a monthly payment of principal, interest, taxes and insurance!