Create Amortization Schedules with LoanSpread™ ... It's Simple!

Click to view full size amortization scheduleAmortization Schedules are easy to create with LoanSpread.

And choosing a monthly amortization schedule or an annual amortization schedule is as easy as clicking a button.

In addition, after you create an amortization schedule, you can quickly add prepayments to your amortization schedule and see how much more quickly you can pay off a loan.  Prepayments allow you to pay off a loan more quickly and save money. You can add additional payment amounts to all of your payments, a range of payments or a single payment, or a combination of payments.

How to Make an Amortization Schedule

1.  Select the loan you wish to amortize from the answer grid.

2.  Right click on the selected loan and on the popup menu that appears, choose 'Amortization Schedule for this Loan'.

That's all there is to it!  An amortization schedule is created instantly.

Amortize a Loan Much More Easily Than Using a Spreadsheet

Math geeks love spreadsheets.  Most people don't.

Why enter formulas, copy and paste rows of spreadsheet cells multiple times, and format the cells to create an amortization schedule when LoanSpread creates amortization schedules with just a few clicks of your mouse?  And don't even try to add prepayments to your spreadsheet without pulling out your hair!

Try LoanSpread™ and see how quickly you can create amortization schedules!