About LoanSpread™ and TedCo Software™

LoanSpread.com is a web site dedicated to TedCo Software's LoanSpread™ Loan Comparison Calculator.  TedCo Software provides financial software that have made financial math easy for consumers and professionals in the real estate and financial services industries since 1997.


TedCo Software was founded by Dan Hite. Dan started working as a corporate software developer in 1995 and started his software business (originally named Auction Sentry Software) in 2001 developing and marketing the popular eBay user utility called Auction Sentry. The software was very successful and in 2007 was awarded the People's Choice Award at the Software Industry Conference. Dan sold the Auction Sentry software product at the end of 2007 to focus on other projects. At the start of 2008 the business was renamed TedCo Software™.

TedCo Software's products lines include Windows-based financial calculators as well as educational and personal productivity software.

Financial Calculators for Windows

TedCo Software's primary web site for its financial software is at Wheatworks.com.  There, you can read about TedCo Software's financial software for consumers and professionals and download fully-functional trial versions of all our consumer and professional calculators.  We also provide access to a changing library of freeware financial calculators.  TedCo Software also provides educational and personal productivity software. To learn more about TedCo Software's other products visit us at TedCoSoftware.com.

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